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Danielle Bastien Senior Front-End Developer • Web Accessibility • Technical Lead


  • …you are a stealthy leader, role model, knowledgeable; you are a person of few words but they are important and impactful… Melissa Verheyden Senior Director of Product - News and Information Postmedia
  • …you are professional, have attention to detail, I like your compentenses and your presentation of arguments… Vincent Groux Director of Engineering Postmedia
  • …you've got many requests because you're proving every day that you are a great developer, people know that you are reliable… Andre Collin Development Manager Postmedia
  • …you are one of the shining starts of the engineering team, you have a bright future ahead of you. if you get the chance to work with a high performing group you're going to love it… Fraser Reed Development Manager Postmedia
  • …They're always studying the latest trends in media and never hesitates to share their knowledge with the team. Their spark and curiosity I've always admired… Tevin Castle Graphics & Web Designer
  • …always ready and keen to learn new things. we created new website from scratch using Angular JS, and they did lots of hard work and deliver quality product to the company. My favourite thing is they are always updated with new technologies… Mandeep Singh Quality Assurance Specialist
  • …It was easy to innovate with them for UI & UX design issues we had regarding the company website redesign… Lisa Macklem Graphics & Web Designer
  • …Danielle is a very well rounded and knowledgeable team player, who not only strives towards achieving their performance goals, but actively delivers towards the team’s performance benchmarks as well… Iuri Strelet Front-End Developer
  • …Danielle is an excellent resource in regards to web based knowledge, they were able to answer any questions I had regarding mutual projects or if I just had a random question while they were doing a million other tasks, great patience… Ian Milligan Graphics & Web Designer
  • …Danielle was one of the team’s best assets: they would flawlessly complete their own dev work, take time to mentor more junior developers, and offer their skills for side projects for internal initiatives like corporate videos and events… Care Fader Product & Brand Marketing Manager
  • …first to take the lead the go-getter of the squad. Danielle is analytical and always takes initiative… Anastasia Ribeiro Marketing Communications Coordinator
  • …I was extremely impressed to see how quickly they managed to navigate through the product environment, technologies and became a part of a team to deliver a challenging release… Indra Dosanjh VP Product Development Veloxsites
  • Danielle is quiet but very diligent working. I have worked with them on several projects and they has proven themself to be very dependable detailed oriented in the work they do. Jeffrey Richardson Producer Border Line Short Film
  • Danielle is always willing to roll up their sleeves and put in the long hours, graciously allowing others to share the credit. They are also a very positive creative force. They are flexible and open with cast, crew and faculty, and reacts well to constructive criticism. Robb Wright Post Production Professor Humber College
  • I just looked at some of your logs. Great work! I'm impressed. Eva Ziemsen Director Travel Bhutan Documentary
  • I get the chance to write to you, to praise you, to commend you, to update you and to thank you. We were fortunate, we were blessed and we were so grateful to you for making everything so easy for us. Dann Bouzide Coordinator Windsor Historical Society