I love art and technology. I like how the web gives the opportunity to combine art and technology to create new forms of storytelling and new ways to experience those stories. I am passionate about equal access and how Web Accessibility can level the playing field for people in many ways.

I've been creating the visual and interactive portion of websites for 17 years, the last 9 professionally utilizing HTML5, CSS, and Javascript web technologies.

Front-End Development, to me, is similar to a final round of editing, pulling all the pieces together for a final polish. Every step of the development process from data and content informed structure to responsive visuals create an interconnected balancing act. I am passionate about inclusivity, and I will have numourous questions about a project to determine correct semantics and accessibility early on. Knowing the users, the context and why of a product is important for determining the technical needs. So many aspects go into a product that is technically well-executed and emotionally enthralling while still achieving the initial goals.

Additionally, I have a surplus of multimedia skills available to be utilized: photography, cinematography, photo editing, video editing, and sound mixing.

My Front-End Skills & Tools

  1. HTML5 icon


    Experience with XHTML, html5: forms, semantic and accessible elements, SVG, history API, intersection observer, mutation observer, local storage, service workers, social and SEO metadata

  2. CSS3 icon


    Experience with vanilla css: variables, grid, flex, media queries, support queries, animations, responsive web design, scss, node sass, dart sass, less, bootstrap 3 and 4

  3. JavaScript icon


    Experience with vanilla javascript, ES5, ES6, JSON data, typescript, angular 4-9, angular js, jQuery, jQuery UI, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager

  4. Patterns

    Experience with cookies, unit tests, keyboard focus trapping, form validation, custom validators, form mobile keyboard optimization, form auto-fill optimization, i18n, user-generated content, empty states, video, responsive images, hybrid app upgrading, server & client-side rendering, state transfer, service workers and PWA, lazy routing, lazy loading, single page application, progressive enhancement, graceful degradation, HTTP requests/RESTful API/micro-services/ajax, state management, responsive web design, email templates, schema microdata, rxjs subscriptions, observables, widget implementation, tracking codes

  5. Django icon

    Back End

    Experience with Python 3, Django 2.2, PHP 5/7, WordPress admin, nginx, Apache, MongoDB, MySQL

  6. Git icon

    Developer Tooling

    Experience with git, GitHub, gitlab, gulp, npm, node.js, webpack, karma+jasmin, Jenkins, google cloud, amazon AWS, xcode, docker, mamp

  7. Adobe icon


    Experience with adobe lightroom, adobe photoshop, adobe premiere, adobe after effects, adobe illustrator, adobe audition

  8. Slack icon


    Experience with agile developement using JIRA, ScrumDo, Trello; experience with remote and hybrid remote work environments

My Code Experiments

Company Experience

Year Position Company
2019 – Present

Lead Front-End Web Developer

Agile Development


2015 – 2019

Front-End Web Developer

Agile Development

Hybrid Remote

2013 – 2015

Web Developer

Agile Development

On Site

Professional Development Training

  • 2021 Front End Masters: JavaScript The Hard Parts v2
  • 2021 Workshop: Dynamic CSS with Custom Properties
  • 2020 OpenJS Stream
  • 2019 NG Conf Free Stream
  • 2018 Editing Fiction and Memoir by Maggie Morris
  • 2018 Micro Frontends: The Key to Scaling Single Page Applications Webinar Rangle.io
  • 2017 Google mSite Hackathon
  • 2011 Picture Editors on Editing Symposium by CFC
  • 2011 Script Supervisor Workshop by Dug Rotstein


  • Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
    • 2013
      • Web Design, Development and Maintenance
    • 2012
      • Film and Television Production
      • Specializing in post picture, post sound, and visual effects.


  • I get the chance to write to you, to praise you, to commend you, to update you and to thank you. We were fortunate, we were blessed and we were so grateful to you for making everything so easy for us. — Dann Bouzide | Coordinator @ Windsor Historical Society
  • I just looked at some of your logs. Great work! I'm impressed. — Eva Ziemsen | Director @ Travel Bhutan Documentary
  • Danielle is quiet but very diligent working. I have worked with her on several projects and she has proven herself to be very dependable detailed oriented in the work she does. — Jeffrey Richardson | Producer @ Border Line Short Film
  • …Danielle is an excellent resource in regards to web based knowledge, she was able to answer any questions I had regarding mutual projects or if I just had a random question while she was doing a million other tasks, great patience… — Ian Milligan | Graphics & Web Designer @ 411.ca
  • …Danielle is a very well rounded and knowledgeable team player, who not only strives towards achieving her performance goals, but actively delivers towards the team’s performance benchmarks as well… — Iuri Strelet | Front-End Developer @ 411.ca

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