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I love art and technology. I like how multimedia gives us the chance to combine those things to create new forms of storytelling and new ways to experience those stories. I believe it is very important to be inclusive when sharing stories; technology combined with empathy gives us tools to do so.

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Empathy is at the center of any creation that strives for inclusiveness.

What is a Front-End Developer?
My Skills & Tools

Code Experiments

If you're not failing,
you're not learning


Year Position Company
2015 – Present Front-End Web Developer
2013 – 2015 Web Developer
2010 – 2013 Peer Tutor
2010, 2012 Video Editor
2011 Post Coordinator Intern
2007 – 2009 Supervisor

Professional Development Training

  • 2017 Google mSite Hackathon
  • 2011 Picture Editors on Editing Symposium by CFC
  • 2011 Script Supervisor Workshop by Dug Rotstein


  • Humber College Institute of Technology and Advance Learning
    • 2013
      • Web Design, Development and Maintenance
    • 2012
      • Film and Television Production
      • Specializing in post picture, post sound, and visual effects.
You never really understand something until you can teach it


  • I get the chance to write to you, to praise you, to commend you, to update you and to thank you. We were fortunate, we were blessed and we were so grateful to you for making everything so easy for us. — Dann Bouzide | Windsor Historical Society
  • I just looked at some of your logs. Great work! I'm impressed. — Eva Ziemsen | Travel Bhutan
  • Danielle is always willing to roll up her sleeves and put in the long hours, graciously allowing others to share the credit. She is also a very positive creative force. She is flexible and open with cast, crew and faculty, and reacts well to constructive criticism. — Robb Wright | Humber College
  • Danielle is quiet but very diligent working. I have worked with her on several projects and she has proven herself to be very dependable detailed oriented in the work she does. — Jeffrey Richardson | Border Line


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Role Production Genre
Cinematographer, Picture Editor & Director Veterans Memory Project
Dir. Danielle Bastien
Assistant Picture Editor Travel Bhutan
Dir. Eva Ziemsen
Picture Editor & Script Supervisor Border Line
Dir. Maria Alejandra Morales
Picture Editor Grief. Behind the Tableaux
Dir. Eva Ziemsen
Script Supervisor Grief. Story of a Mime in Seven Tableaux
Dir. Abraham Bankole, Kyle Carruthers, Jesse Herzog & Jesse Powell
Dialogue Editor Astronomy Girl
Dir. Robyn Watkins
Visual Effects Artist Calvin Klein
Dir. John Harden
Spec Commercial
Script Supervisor Jadon's Change
Dir. Abraham Bankole
Picture Editor & Visual Effects Assistant Teresa's Tummy
Dir. Yosef Baraki
Script Supervisor Foreign Exchange
Dir. Matthew Ieraci
Script Supervisor Honda Civic
Dir. Dan Whidden
Spec Commercial
Location Sound Recordist Team Canada Hockey
Dir. Lucas Dabrowski
Spec Commercial
Location Sound Recordist & Visual Effects Artist Dive and Diminution: A Punk Story
Dir. Kyle McGuire