A group of veterans who range from WWII to Afghanistan retell their personal experiences in hopes that their stories can touch Canada’s next generations.

The feature-length Veterans Memories Project educational documentary is meant to capture, preserve and share the stories of our Canadian veterans before they are gone.

The editing goal with the feature documentary was to have it broken into digestible sections.

These sections would have to fit the length of class time in an average Ontario high school and touch on various topics in the curriculum. All of this, while also sharing insightful and moving stories told by our veterans.

Danielle prepared questions, talking points and the script with co-writer Emily Baker. Danielle lit the scene, operated first camera while logging and directing. Post-production was completed by Danielle, from capturing to editing and mixing the feature documentary.

Several trailers, a commercial for the Windsor Historical Society, and a short preview were also created. All of these were created from the footage shot in a single day of interviews.